Essential Sleep Tips for Baby

You value your sleep, right? Who doesn't? And when there is a baby or a child in the house who isn't sleeping well, it affects everyone! I love how Essential Oils give you options, all natural options, to help you get a bit more sleep each night! Not only will your child feel more rested and be more happy the next day, but so will you.

Did you know there are more than 40 accredited pediatric sleep centers around the country established to help the estimated 20 to 30 percent of children older than 6 months who suffer from insomnia or other significant sleep problems? Now I'm not saying that you are necessarily dealing with a child who has insomnia or a significant sleep problem, but why let it get to that stage? If neither of you are getting the sleep you need, try some of these tips to see how they help!

Here is a video I made with some sleep tips for children:

And here is a great diffuser blend recipe you can run at night to help everyone sleep a bit more:

And if you are the one struggling most to sleep, not your child, then click the button below for more tips!

Watch My Essential Oil Sleep Protocol for Moms & Kids

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