Essential Oils in the Workplace

If you spend hours a day in an office or in a cubicle at your workplace, you may have wondered about how to properly use essential oils without offending or bothering anyone else. Essential Oils can have so many powerful benefits in your day, but what about those who may not share your excitement? Here are a few tips:

  1. Be careful with your oil choice. Some oils can be really strong, such as Wintergreen, and may be a quick dead giveaway that you are using oils in public. It may be best to choose oils that are a little more subtle such as the citrus ones or mix it with one a little more earthy. Also be careful to not use an oil that may be harmful to someone who is pregnant. I would also avoid the heavy florals.
  2. Be respectful. If you try a blend and someone makes a comment or if a co-worker specifically says that it is bothering them, be respectful of their wishes and either use different oils or be a little more subtle in your use, such as using a rollerball instead of the actual oil.
  3. Remember that less is more. Essential oils are great in that it really doesn't take a lot to benefit from their effects. A simple drop can go a long way without drawing attention to itself. Use your oils, but either dilute heavily or be sparing in how and when you use them. Maybe apply in the restroom or on a break or a short walk outside.
  4. Drink your oils. This wouldn't apply to all oils, and you'll want to make sure you have a cup that is glass or stainless steel. But a drop of lemon in water or a little cinnamon and majoram in a hot mug to sip out of, is a great way to experience your oils.


For a quick reference, print out the sheet below and keep close to your desk in your workplace. The next time, you are needing a little help in one of the areas, pull this out and see which oil you have on hand to help:

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