Essential Oil Sleepy Baby Blend

You've been there. It's 1 am and your 8 month old is awake for the third time tonight and either wanting to eat or wanting to play. It's 4 am and your 6 year old comes crawling in your bed. She wiggles and kicks and pushes until you have no choice but to get up and start your day. It's 11 pm and everyone is FINALLY asleep, but your mind won't shut off. You feel exhausted and worn out from the day, but sleep evades you.

Not getting enough sleep can cause disruptions in your day and in your health. You need sleep and you need quality, uninterrupted sleep.

This is why I love my sleep baby blend that not only works like a charm on my little ones but helps relax me and helps me to sleep as well! Watch the video below to learn how easy it is to mix this up and have everyone sleeping better than a baby tonight!


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